Many Mavens
Many Mavens
A design collective bending the line, closing the loop, designing futures

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About us

We believe in circular design. This doesn’t mean that we only make spherical things or that we never finish a project; it means that we care about where things come from and where they end up.

We are many specialists. Diverse in our skills and cultural experiences, alike in our passions and energies; we are inquisitive travellers inspired and supported by one another.

We create captivating identities and experiences. We are agile where the linear tires and flex our creative muscles where others become predictable.

We nurture the intuitive and beautiful; our designs echo the forms and practices of the natural world.

Circular Design


Our Process

We don’t have any charts or diagrams that explain our creative process. And we don’t have clever names for the stages of each project. But we do have curiosity.

We believe that to truly solve a problem you need to talk about it. You need to look at it from every angle. You need to discuss and debate it. You need to pull it apart, then put it back together again. And we believe in doing all of these things together.

Conversation, consideration and collaboration.

That’s our process.